The Freeliner EVOII / LongCo® EM

The Freeliner EVOII / LongCo® EM

For whom is the Freeliner EVOII actually designed?

It is suitable especially for older people who want to be mobile and take an active part in life. Even with restricted movement and a balance disorder, travelling is comfortable.

Due to a part time tilt speed limiter to 6 km/h, the Freeliner EVOII / LongCo® EM is usable in pedestrian zones and shopping areas, subject to your Invalid pass.

  • Firm standing three wheels
  • Speed up to 20km/h
  • Lightweight, solid, foldable aluminium frame
  • Modular construction
  • Vehicle test certificate

Do you want to participate actively in life, do cycling with your beloved, even do your shopping and be mobile in a modern way?

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Technical Specifications

Lithium-Ionen mit 56 Samsung ICR18650-22P Zellen, 58.8V (14S4P), je 3,4 kg, > 8,4 Ah, Spezial BMS mit Parallelschaltung-Steuerung und Einzelansteuerung der 5-fach LED Energieanzeige, abschliessbares Alugehäuse, Schnellwechselsystem, Zusatzakkus parallel verwendbar.

Hydraulic twin Disk brakes at rear, Mechanical Disk brakes at front.

Lightweight, solid, foldable aluminium frame, Measuring when folded 74 x 63 x 80 cm, high of platform 26cm, weight 26kg.

In front an aluminium suspension fork, rear a patented carving-swing axlesystem and 2 suspension springs elastomer absorber.

Fahrerlaubnis und Straäenzulassung:
Permitted in pedestrian zones with the 6-km/h-modus (subject to your Invalid pass)

Basic equipment

Buying a Freeliner EVOII / LongCo® EM this standard equipment is included:

  • Seat height - adjustable and demountable
  • Reverse gear (with all 20 km / h models)
  • Photon head headlights
  • LED rear light and brake light
  • Horn / rear view mirror
  • Cruise Control / Manual limitation to 6 km/ h



  • Multi-function display with cruise range indicator
  • Battery, lockable, quick-change system and a charger
  • Mount for license plate
  • Mudguards front and rear
  • Ergonomic handlebar with adjustable stem
  • EU-approval and homologation for road service

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